Syngonium Red Arrow

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This hard to find plant is absolutely stunning and very easy-care.
The Syngonium red arrow plant has wonderfully ruby red coloured leaves that open out into wide paddle-shapes along long vining stems. It’s a really interesting houseplant that will grow as a hanging plant or a climber and will want to spread out and grow in all directions.
A rainforest regular, Syngoniums are a native of the Americas and it really brings a touch of the exotic! Brighten up dreary days by looking at your Syngonium and imagining hot, moist heat and birds screeching, let yourself be carried away to the jungle! These plants aren’t hard to look after, they will thrive in the shade which makes them ideal if you have no experience of looking after houseplants.  It also means they aren’t hard to situate in your home, they will love any corner of any room really, in the sun or in the shade.


The Syngonium Red Arrow needs average water. Try to keep the soil always slightly moist but beware of too much water. Too much water can cause root rot and this is difficult to save. We recommend to feel with two fingers in the soil to determine whether it is already time for a new watering. If the soil is already very dry after two days, you can water your Syngnonium again. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, we recommend waiting a while.



Put the Syngonium Red Arrow in a light spot, but try to avoid direct sunlight. The plant does not appreciate direct sunlight. The leaves may burn and die, and the production of new leaves will not be promoted. So make sure not to place the Syngonium in front of a sunny window. If the Syngonium Red Arrow is too dark, you will notice that it will grow towards the light. The stems become long, stand in one direction and produce few leaves.
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