Philodendron Brandtianum

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Philodendron Brandtianum also known as the Silver Leaf Philodendron, is a unique tropical plant with olive green leaves.  The broad heart-shaped leaves have prominent silver or grayish-white patches that give this plant its name Silver-leaf. Another common name for this variety is Brandi Philodendron.
The most interesting fact is this plant can grow in multiple forms, i.e., as an epiphyte, a hemiepiphyte, or even a terrestrial plant. This plant is part of the Araceae plant family. It is a climbing and cascading plant native to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and parts of Colombia.


Water the Philodendron Brandi plant deeply, but allow the top of the soil to become moderately dry before the next watering. Philodendrons are tough plants, so they will not be bothered if you forget to water your plant once or twice.


The Philodendron Brandtianum plant needs bright indirect sunlight exposure. This plant grows well in the majority of light levels but is happiest in medium or filtered sunlight. This plant can easily tolerate low to high lighting levels as long as the light is indirect. But if you want your plant to grow faster and healthier, keep it in bright indirect light.
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