Epipremnum Pinnatum ‘Cebu blue’

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Cebu Blue is a pothos – a plant variant with silvery-blue, shiny leaves that tend to have a sparkle under the right lighting conditions. The plant belongs to the Epipremnum genus, which is where it gets its pothos association. This flowering plant species is a member of the Araceae family.
It gets half of its name Cebu Blue is from the island of Cebu in the Philippines. The plant is commonly found in the island’s native perennial vines. It’s also commonly found in various
other Asian countries, and also several parts of Europe and North Australia.
The plant can trail, climb, and can be a solid addition to pretty much any indoor garden. Not to mention, the plant is pretty low on maintenance too, adding to the home appeal. Cebu Blue is also known by a few other names, which include: Centipede Tongavine, Devil’s Ivy, Dragon-tail plant, Schindapsus Aureum, and Blue Pothos.


Give it a thorough soak and let it dry out a little bit between watering, and your Cebu should be happy. You’ll be able to tell if you’re going too long between watering — you may notice your plant looking wilted or displaying yellowed leaves.


Cebu blue is fairly laid-back about lighting so it will happily live in a medium light situation, but for the lushest and prettiest foliage give it plenty of bright indirect light.
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