Moss Wall

Moss Wall

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Our moss walls are made with natural elements. They are 100% real organic matter. They are non-living, and as a result there is no maintenance at all to caring for and enjoying our Green art.

Moss art is perfect in a home or business where the object is to bring greenery inside but the location or maintenance needs are not optimum for living art. Our moss art requires no maintenance, which means it will always look amazing without water or sun.

Our moss walls are each one-of-a-kind unique pieces of art, created for you with your input. We have a variety of styles, encompassing different types of mosses and other natural materials for you to choose from.

Features of Green Art moss walls

Moss walls can come in nearly any size or shape due to the versatility of moss

Moss walls or panels have a nearly limitless design potential

Items such as wood, metal, succulents, and ferns are commonly added to moss walls

The moss used is not “alive,” but rather is preserved for design use

Moss walls are great for branding initiatives in places like reception areas, retail stores, restaurants, and pop-up events

These walls are the most economical green walls options on the market right now

Moss walls are low maintenance, not no maintenance. The moss can become dry and brittle or become dusty over time, which is why we recommend our maintenance plan.

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